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Laercio Redondo - Moderna Museet - Estocolmo - Sem título (Vernacular Furniture)04 Jun 2013

Untitled (Vernacular Furniture), Sweden

In spring 2013, Museum Museum is launching three different youth projects, of which Untitled (Vernacular Furniture), Sweden is the largest. It also involves a transformation of the entrance area in Stockholm. Together with the Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander (born 1967 in Belo Horizonte) students from Nyckelviksskolan on Lidingö have designed new furniture for the museum coffee bar.

The journey towards the end product began with rural furniture at the Skansen open-air museum, touched base with contemporary Brazilian everyday life, and returned with new impressions to Nyckelviksskolan where the furniture was sensitively redesigned and reworked before finally being installed at the Espresso Bar just inside the main entrance. On their way, the pieces of furniture have passed through the hands of 32 students and their visions of the museum itself, the entrance as its outward face, thoughts on globalisation, the present and the past, and how the artist’s concept is interpreted and reinterpreted by those in whose hands it is placed.

Participating students: Victor Af Wetterstedt, Olle Ahlsèn, Sergio Alvear, Julia Benon, Elisabeth Berg, Sara Bjurström, Peter Camerini, Mathilda Clahr, Anna Märta Danielsson, Timothy Eklund, Tina Eklund, Agnes Ersson, Daniel Fjellman, Gloria Hao, Jesper Henningsson, Dag Heurlin, Josefin Hååg, Per Jensfelt, Nadezda Karlsson, Sebastian Karlsson, Josefin Lindberg, Teodor Nilson, Anton Normark, Emil Nyström, Caspar Reuterswärd, Erika Sjödin, Jonna Sten, Maria Ström, Sanna Trotsman, Linnéa Werme, Fred Wolgers, Jenny Åkerström

The artist Laercio Redondo and the designer Birger Lipinski have also participated in the joint project, as liaisons in the process where the artistic vision, based on local practices, was adapted to a Swedish context, to which the students have then related. Together, Redondo/Lipinski they have also studied various aspects of spatial design, utility and functionality.

The entrance area and the Espresso Bar also have new lighting thanks to the German artist Tobias Rehberger’s (born in Esslingen 1966) piece Cumulus Infection 9M0, which fill the whole area with shadows and light.

Museum Museum, Moderna Museet’s new platform for young people, is the successor to Zon Moderna, which introduced hundreds of upper-secondary school students to modern and contemporary art in 2004–2011. Museum Museum has adopted Zon Moderna’s concept of an artist, an art educator and a group of young students and made it a truly two-way activity. Our commitment to receive and encourage the students to express their thoughts and ideas on contemporary art and the modern art museum is just as strong as our desire to share our knowledge about artistic processes – and about what art can be – with them. By encouraging their responses, we can learn and be inspired by the upcoming generation’s views on our activities, and build an institution that is relevant to the future. In Museum Museum, upper-secondary students mix with recent school-leavers in a quest for independence and professional identity. In this context, the encounter with art can be decisive.

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