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Laercio Redondo - The Right to the City27 Abr 2013

The Right to the City

27 April – 23 June, 2013

Opening: April 27, 5 -7 p.m.

With: Jonathas de Andrade, Abraham Cruzvillegas,

Alfredo Márquez, Leticia El Halli Obeid, Oscar Abraham

Pabón, Wilfredo Prieto, Laercio Redondo

Curator: Madelon van Schie

The Right to the City

brings together work by seven artists

from Latin America who each in their own way examine life

in the city and the use of urban space. They see themselves

as allies with the marginalized city dwellers of Buenos Aires,

Mexico City, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Brasilia, Recife and

Lima, respectively. With that alliance as their point of departure,

they deal with themes including the relation between

the centre and periphery, squatting and self-construction,

the design of the city, the loss of indigenous cultures, and

the use and experience of public space. The starting point

for the exhibition is the idea that the spatial and social structures

of a city are defined by historic (and contemporary)

power relationships, but it seeks, in an otherwise overwhelmingly

light-hearted way, to illuminate how these power

relations and the laws and regulations which flow from them

can be subverted.

The Right to the City

joins a long series of exhibitions

on ‘the city’ and ‘the urban experience’. With works by

artists from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and

Venezuela, this exhibition deals explicitly with the urban

reality of Latin America, the most urbanized region in the

world, where eighty percent of the population live in a city.

The exponential growth of many cities in Latin America during

the second half of the twentieth century led to tensions

between official and unofficial urban development which

remain a constant in the region down to this day.

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